Professional and experienced architectural oversight is yet another area of expertise you will find at OMS that is often not available elsewhere. The OMS staff, in partnership with its affiliated experts, offers our clients more than 45 years of high-quality architectural experience. With in-depth knowledge of the field of architecture, our staff focuses exclusively on the quality of the suggested design and construction plan. Additionally, the OMS team is qualified to compare that plan to your technical design guidelines. The OMS Architectural Services staff provides on-site inspection to ensure compliance with ARC approved submissions. This approach goes far beyond approval or denial of a design plan. We follow the job through to the end with your long-term satisfaction as our only goal.

Our Architectural Oversight Services include:

  • ARC reviews based on extensive architectural industry knowledge
  • Experienced assessment of plans and designs
  • Maintaining architectural integrity by comparing plans to technical design guidelines
  • On-site inspection
  • Professional on-site oversight of architectural projects from design to completion