At Olympia Management Services (OMS), we know every residential community and commercial development has a unique set of needs, goals, and preferences. Following a full evaluation, each of our proposals is prepared based on that client’s individual financial model. Every OMS client benefits from a tailor-made plan and implementation strategy created to bring the fastest and most sustainable level of success to their residents and tenants. We set a price that is stable and manageable for each client. We manage costs, increase services, and enhance the experiences of residents, tenants, owners and customers, all without surprise add-on expenses or individual charges that can add up and diminish value. We find this strategy helps Boards, Owners, and Communities accurately calculate true management expenses.

Our financial model works exceedingly well. With customized OMS plans and programs, most of our clients realized financial improvement during one of the largest recessions in history. Nearly all of our clients saw a 20 percent decrease in annual expenses and corresponding increases in available reserves within two years. By utilizing a structured pricing matrix, which is based on an all-inclusive billing model, the team at OMS is focused on our Client’s bottom line and not additional billing opportunities. This approach actually helps our Clients reduces tax expense and other service charges. Those add-on expenses, while minor when evaluated individually, can have big financial effects.

OMS is flexible and will customize the scope of services based on each Board’s preferences. Are you a stand-alone community association, gated sub-association, or a master-planned community? Are you a commercial development? New or established? Large or small? Give us a call. We would love to talk about how OMS can help you.